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One of the most valuable skills I have learned as a chiropractor is to properly assess muscle function.  This is not a test in the athletic sense, but merely a challenge to see if patients can hold certain positions against an appropriate amount of resistance.  Our muscles (and ligaments) provide support for our joints, and in turn properly aligned joints allow for muscles to function properly.  Improper alignment of joints leads to a down-regulation of muscle strength, to avoid damage to joints that are not aligned.  It is a beautiful system!

However, in most cases, simply re-aligning the joints is usually not enough.  Muscle function can become impaired for many other reasons, some of which are listed below:

1 Excess Dural Tension

2 Compromised Neurological Function/Down-regulation (Compaction Injuries, Shear-Type Injuries, Concussion)

3 Muscle Damage (muscle strains, micro-avulsions)

4 Excess Collagen Deposition (“scar tissue” build-up, post injury/surgical scars, contracture, etc.)

5 Improperly Functioning Mechanoreceptors (The “5 points” of every muscle)

6 Fascial Restriction

7 Poor Lymphatic Drainage

8 Hidden Cervical Disc


…just to name a few!!!


So, the question becomes, “if you are not muscle testing, then what is being missed??”.  By coupling the muscle tests with certain types of challenges and interventions, we can very often zero-in on some of the possibilities listed above, and determine exactly what the unresolved issue is.  Because if we don’t, you may not make it out the front door without the condition beginning to return.

After 30 years in the gym, 10 as a competitive  powerlifter–and now as a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist, I am confident saying “I know muscle”.  I have been able to resolve long-standing chronic issues for many patients simply by muscle testing.  It is a fun and easy process that allows objective evidence of a patient’s weak points.

If you or someone you know has been frustrated by a long standing condition that has never been successfully treated, I recommend booking your appointment today!!