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Complex Case #1

32 year old male presents with dizziness while sitting at school, as well as when he walks more than 2 blocks.  3 years duration.  Reports he has “had every test under the sun” with no resolutions.  He is “coming to a chiropractor as a last resort”.

Examination revealed weakening of a bilaterally strong iliopsoas muscle after walking the hallway a few times.  Additionally, massive hyper-tonicity and vertebral fixations were noted in the sacro-coccygeal, thoraco-lumbar, cervico-thoracic and sub-occipital regions.

Testing for excess tensioning of the dura (a meningeal layer surrounding brain and spinal cord) was positive.  This tension can create a wide range  of symptoms from dizziness, nausea, impaired vision, muscle weakness, and balance issues just to name a few.

Following a few simple procedures over a 3 week treatment period, patient was symptom free and was able to walk and sit indefinitely without symptoms returning.


Complex Case #2

38 year old male has difficulty breathing since he “fell flat on his back” 1 year ago.  Symptoms wax and wane but never completely resolve.  Patient was referred to physiotherapy, but claims it had no effect.  Also tried seeing an RMT and a chiropractor , but also had no success.  2 months ago was diagnosed with asthma, and was prescribed an inhaler.  Patient is frustrated and would like some answers, and has now chosen chiropractic care.

Upon history taking, patient reports he fell on his back at a pool party and has had difficulty getting a full, deep breath ever since.  X-rays were unremarkable.  Claims the area in the mid-low back region is “stiff and sore all the time”, but some days are worse than others.  Physical examination revealed the presence of a compaction injury to the mid-low back, confirmed by challenge technique to the region.  Patient was unable to hold his breath for more than 25 seconds.

De-compaction therapy over the next 2 treatments resolved the issue and the patient was able to hold his breath for >1 minute after just the first session.  Some light muscle therapy was completed to fully resolve the issue, as well as neuro-therapy to prevent the condition from returning.

Complex Case #3

46 year old female having difficulty with L ankle weakness.  Has no sensation of numbness or tingling in the lower extremities, and has no history of prior injury to the ankle.  Unsure how the condition began, but has been present for about 8 months.  Massage, IMS, physiotherapy exercises, and chiropractor adjustments has not had any lasting effects.

Upon examination, all ankle muscles were found to be weak, and did not strengthen using the autogenic facilitation technique.

Therapy localization revealed a fixation in the thoraco-lumbar region involving 12th rib.  Following correction all ankle muscles were re-tested and found to have full strength.  Some residual muscles soreness still existed due muscle compensation, but following some light muscle release therapy and neuro-therapy (crucial!!), the patient was completely symptom free after just two 30-minute sessions.

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