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Every week in my clinic I encounter new patients that come to my office with recurring low back/pelvic conditions that have become an ongoing source of frustration.  These are the patients that require an adjustment every week or so to feel pain free and somewhat functional.

In these cases what has often been overlooked is the fact that the pelvis can be misaligned not only in the sagittal plane (front to back), but can also be rotated at the same time, medially or laterally (inwards or outwards).  Sometimes it only becomes evident in a standing position (and not while lying on the table).  This misalignment leads to an inhibition of any muscle that attaches to the pelvis, leading to further instability and dysfunction.  Confusion and frustration often follow, as symptoms can be intermittent and can change from day to day.  And until the rotary component of the misalignment is also corrected, (and all muscles tested for proper function) the condition will always return.

If you feel the above situation applies to you or someone you know, I believe I may be able to help.  Please consider making an appointment at my office by clicking on the link on the home page.