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Some of the most interesting conditions in my profession are conditions that are being caused by areas in the spine in which the pain is not felt.  Although each segment of the spine moves independently in and of itself, it also has a segment at the opposite end of the spine that moves in concert with it, and exerts a force upon it.  This segment is said to be the “Lovett Brother”, or “Lovett Reactor”.

I will provide a brief explanation: During walking (gait), one leg swings forward, and as it does the pelvis on the same side moves forward with it, thus rotating the lower lumbars on that side anteriorly. The shoulder girdle (and upper thoracics) on the same side likewise moves posteriorly, leaving the vertebrae in cervical spine to counter-rotate (anteriorly) in order to keep the head looking forwards.  It is a little more complicated than that, but hopefully you get the idea.

Joint dysfunction conditions that do not resolve via adjusting the segment at the site of pain can often times be resolved by adjusting the Lovett Brother.  In any case. it is always good practice to at least check the Lovett, and in certain cases it is only by adjusting the Lovett Brother segment that we can find resolution of pain and/or dysfunction at or near the other segment.  It is always interesting to see a patient’s look of disbelief when a neck condition resolves by adjusting the low back, or upper rib pain is resolved by adjusting the pelvis.

If you believe this condition may apply to you, I suggest making an appointment at my office for examination.